Professor Shouhuai Xu (PhD: Fudan University, 2000)
Gallogly Chair Professor in Cybersecurity, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

I am the founding Director of the Laboratory for Cybersecurity Dynamics (LCD), which is centered at the exciting Cybersecurity Dynamics framework.

I co-initiated a new conference: International Conference on Science of Cyber Security (SciSec). Please submit good papers to SciSec 2021 which will be held in August 2021 in Shanghai, China.

I’m always looking for motivated students to pursue Honor’s Thesis, MS Thesis and PhD Dissertation research. I’m also looking for motivated and talented Post-Docs to work on exciting and challenging problems.


Email: sxu @
Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO
USA 80918

Current PhD Students at UCCS

  • Brandon Collins (co-supervision with Philip Brown)
  • Shawn Emery
  • Theodore Longtchi
  • Eric Ong
  • Ekzhin Ear
  • Corey Reedy
  • Mark Maldonado

Current PhD Students at UTSA

  • Eric Ficke
  • Mir Mehedi Ahsan Pritom
  • Rosana Montanez Rodriguez

Former Post-Docs

  • Dr. Zhen Li (joint supervision with Prof. Qian Chen)
  • Dr. Han Wang
  • Dr. Gaofeng Da
  • Dr. Yilun Shang
  • Dr. Xiaohu Li

Graduated PhD students I supervised

  1. Huashan Chen (PhD Dissertation: A Framework for Quantifying Security Effectiveness of Cyber Defenses), Oct. 2021. (PhD Dissertation Committee Co-Chair: Ravi Sandhu, per UTSA policy as I left UTSA)
  2. John Charlton (PhD Dissertation: Inferring Malware Detector Metrics in the Absence of Ground-Truth), April 2021. (John was a part-time student from SwRI; PhD Dissertation Committee Co-Chair: Ravi Sandhu, per UTSA policy as I left UTSA)
  3. Richard Garcia Lebron (PhD Dissertation: A Framework for Characterizing Cyber Attack Reconnaissance Behaviors), July 2019. First employment: DoD
  4. Marcus Pendleton (PhD Dissertation: System Call Anomaly Detection in Multi-threaded Programs), Nov. 2017. First employment: AFRL.
  5. Moustafa Saleh (PhD Dissertation: Detection and Classification of Obfuscated Malware), April 2016. First employment: Security Engineer, Microsoft.
  6. Li Xu (PhD Dissertation: Characterizing and Detecting Malicious Websites), May 2014. First employment: Research Engineer, Yahoo! Labs
  7. Zhenxin Zhan (PhD Dissertation: A Statistical Framework for Analyzing Cyber Threats), May 2014. First Employment: Security Researcher, Juniper Networks
  8. Qingji Zheng (PhD Dissertation: Verifiable Delegation of Computing over Outsourced Data), April 2014. First Employment: Staff Researcher, Huawei Research Center in San Jose, CA
  9. Paul Parker (PhD Dissertation: Protecting Cryptographic Keys and Functions from Software-based Attacks), Dec 2010. First employment: Assistant Professor at Dallas Baptist University

Graduated MS students I supervised with Thesis

  1. Gabe Fernandez (MS Thesis: Deep Learning Approaches for Network Intrusion Detection), May 2019. (Gabe was a part-time student from USAA.)
  2. Jose David Mireles (MS Thesis: Modeling and Analyzing Cyber Adaptations and Attack Narratives), July 2017. First employment: US Army.
  3. Asma Alshehri (MS Thesis: A Study on Complex Network Resilience), Dec. 2013.
  4. Adam Tyra (MS Thesis: A Characterization of Complex Network Attack Resilience), Dec. 2012. (Adam was a part-time student.)
  5. Giovanni Del Valle (MS Thesis: Protecting Cryptographic Keys from Memory Disclosure Attacks), May 2010. First employment: Rackspace
  6. Erhan John Kartaltepe (MS Thesis: Malicious Impostor Emails: Emerging Threats and Countermeasures), April 2006. First employment: SouthWest Research Institute.